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Kevin Handa

Served as HATWALK 2004 Gala Co-Chair

I was born and raised in San Jose, CA, and the only time I’ve been away from the Bay Area was in college at UC Davis, where I majored in Mathematics and minored in Statistics. I am currently a Quality Program Manager, after years as a Hardware/Software Project Manager.

I’m a big sports fan, mostly as a spectator now, although I still play basketball every once in awhile. I enjoy all sports, but I can’t think of many things better to do than spending a Saturday or Sunday (preferably both) in the sun at SBC Park or the Oakland Coliseum watching the Giants or A’s.

In addition to work and AACSN, most of my free time is spent coaching youth basketball. I’ve been coaching for about 12 years in several youth organizations, including San Jose Community Youth Service (CYS), Mountain View Tri-City Youth Organization, San Jose Zebras Basketball Organization, and for the Asian North-South All-Star Tournament.

My involvement in AACSN was sort of fate. Like many of you, I have had a few family members who have been affected by cancer. Additionally, I had known Fidelia for a few years prior to AACSN (I used to work with her brother), and discovered that I had actually met May (and her husband, Greg) previously. Last year, my AACSN involvement reached its pinnacle, as I was one of HATWALK 2004’s Co-chairpersons.