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Free Seminar – “Cancer Immunotherapy” 11/4

A Talk on Cancer Immunotherapy to be held on Nov 4 (Sat) at Stanford Hospital

Mark your calendar and register now for a talk on Cancer Immunotherapy co-hosted by Stanford Cancer Institute/ Stanford Hospital and JoyLife Club, a cancer support group. Our honorable guest speakers include Dr. S. Kummar, Professor of Medicine and Radiology, and Dr. S. Srinivas, Professor of Medicine, both of whom being outstanding and respectable professors from Stanford School of Medicine.

Cancer Immunotherapy is a new method of treatment exploring the uses of your body’s own immune system to help fight cancer. It will be an extremely eye-opening and educational topic.
Stanford Cancer Institute to provide community education on cancer immunotherapy and the clinical research that is supporting the advancements of this new cutting-edge treatment. Essentially, immunotherapy uses the patient’s immune system to fight cancer. It is a promising form of cancer therapy, but not yet widely used as a standard of care for treating various cancers. The unique way immunotherapy engages the immune system in fighting cancer requires extensive research to understand its safety, effectiveness, delivery, and treatment management. Dr. Sumit A. Shah, Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, explains “we are in an extremely exciting era in the development of cancer treatments with optimism at an unprecedented level due to immunotherapy.” Dr. Shah further emphasizes, “with continued research, we aim to harness the powerful ability of the immune system to detect, eliminate, and prevent cancer in a growing number of patients.” Patient participation in clinical trials is essential for researchers to gain the critical knowledge to make this treatment effective for patients. The more people who participate in studies, the faster researchers can find answers.
You can either register by emailing us at or call Stephen: 650-552-0055 & Norman: 650-867-5222 during office hour to register. For after hours, please call 415-218-4184.