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“Asian Breast Cancer Survivors needed for a Study”

Dr. Im from Duke University is doing research on “A technology-based information and coaching/support program for Asian American women living with breast cancer.”

 They are in in the process of recruiting participants to enroll in the study. Looking for an Asian American woman aged 21 years and older who has had a breast cancer diagnosis in the past five years; can read and write English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean or Japanese; have access to the Internet; and identify their sub-ethnicity as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese.

Eligible participants who agree to join the study will be randomly assigned to two groups. Depending on their assigned groups, each participant will ask to 1) use the educational information, or 2) participate the online forum and 1:1 coaching/support program for three months. Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire for three times. After the program is finished, each participant will receive $ 50 reimbursement. 

Contact: Yun Hu (Visiting scholar) DUSON | E-mail: