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Asian And Pacific Islander Females In The United States

Bakken and her partners were spurred to form their group based on the few resources they could find that reached out to the unique needs of the entire Asian population. “There are… Read More »

Group supports Asians dealing with Cancer

The number one cause of death among Asian and Pacific Islander females in the United States is cancer. For males, it’s second. These statistics and the growing number of cancer sufferers among… Read More »

Featured Volunteer


Rosanna Leroe-Muñoz

 Served as HATWALK 2008 Gala, HATWALK 2010 Gala, and serving HATWALK 2012 Gala.

I was born in San Francisco and attended UC Berkeley, where I majored in Political Science. I am currently working ‎as a Director at Alpha Omega Financial Systems.

In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy music (playing classical piano), dancing (hip hop and ballet) and anything that bring me outdoors – from tennis, to golf, to hikes to The Dish and Half Dome. I am also involved in the UC Berkeley chapter for NAASA. As most volunteers involved with AACSN, I have had friends and family affected by cancer, most recently, my grandfather who passed away from pancreatic cancer.